Bike Gramaglia 22″ (My sons vintage bike) Simplex – Cinelli

Gramaglia bike. Gramaglia was known as a bicycle shop in city of Milan. It was very famous between 60s-70s. Gramaglia bikes were ridden by famous riders like Renato Longo and others. He won 5 times word ciclocross championship. The frames were made by different frame-builders. I asked about them and some people tough that they were made  by Magni Pep and Losa. I saw an article about it on the Charliecycles page. Here are some photos of this little bike.

Renato Longo

Gramaglia 22"

The pedals were very rusty and are still in restoration.

My son wants that I put the green tubulars. I know that are not from the same period of time, but he has stile. Now the bike is like an Italian Flag.

When I took down the rust from the handlebar I find this Cinelli panto on it.

For me is this bike a very nice find. 

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