Two different Colnago Precisa forks


When I was restoring Colnago Arabesque Regal and Colnago Master piu' I saw for the first time different Colnago Precisa fork. Until now i didn't get any information about it. Why Colnago Buckler team and Colnago Arabesque Regal have shorter Precisa fork. It seems more dangerous for riding it. Strange filling to have the front wheel in that position. Like pista....

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  1. David

    Interesting article. I have two Colnago forks – a Precisa and a curved fork. With a 700c x 23mm
    tyre on a narrow 19mm wide Easton Vista rim, I measure 12mm clearance between the top of the
    tyre and the front underside of the fork crown on the curved fork; but only 5mm clearance on the
    Precisa fork. I’m still scratching my head as to why there would be such a big difference. Weight
    wise the Precisa with its 190mm long steerer comes in at 672g; the curved fork, despite a shorter
    180mm steerer comes in 44g heavier at 716g.

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