Cicli Sannino Torino TT Crono

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Sannino TT crono

Tubes: Columbus Neuron


Rims: front Techno 416 with gipiemme hub 26″, rear  lenticular Hed wheel Sannino – Hed -28″

Seatpost: Campagnolo Chorus

Saddle: concor super corsa

Handlebar: Cinelli LA 84

Stem: 3ttt panto Sannino

Derailleurs: Campagnolo Chorus

Crankset: Campagnolo Chorus/Athena

Brakes: Campagnolo Chorus/Athena

Headset: Campagnolo Chorus/Athena

Not for sale – personal colletion

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Product Description

Sannino TT Crono

Columbus Neuron

I found  just frame with the bottom bracket

Put together with Campagnolo Chorus/Athena

Hed lenticolar wheel

Bike is in excellent conditions