No sandblasting

A lot of people ask me how I took down old paint from the frames. I know that a lot of people get the old paint down with sandblasting. The easiest way,  but for me this is  very bad method for high level frames. The tubes are very thiny. In that way first you loose a lot of material with sandblasting and then another time you loose material with polishing for new chrome. Maybe the pearl sandblasting is better. This is not proper way to took down old paint. I can't tell my secrets, but my way is certainly not sandblasting. I have some secrets with water, but I can't tell about it. After cleaned, I take frames with bad chrome parts to nearby factory to de-chromatization. Then I polish them myself  and take them to the same factory for a new chrome. I don't want that somebody polish them, because quite often it wasn't well done or they took down too much material (pantographed parts were damaged), etc. Here are some frames prepared for restoration. Three on the right side of the first foto are prepared for de-cromatization. First on the right was sandblasted in past,  but the good thing is that is Legnano Roma from late 50' and the tubes are not so thiny. Two on the left are prepared for new paint. 




This are with new chrome. Now I must prepare them for new paint. It's very important that on seat stays are small hols on the bought sides (up-down), because the acid from chromatization must go out.







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